Friday 25 January 2013

You meet a random person and start talking… What happens next?

You meet a random person and start talking… 

What happens next?

You meet a random person and start talking, what happens next? The question itself looks like suspense story.

Well for a next two minutes you’re going read about what happens next in my point of view.

When we meet a random or unknown person and start talking at first we introduce each other only and if we meet the same person again in some other event or place we actually get each other more than the first meeting after that  exchange the mobile number and become Friend in FB, and Follow in Twitter, and from that half way we reached by understanding the personality of that person and if the thinking and if both are like minding person and now from unknown person to we become friends and met again and attending some events and parties together and knowing better and understanding well and got closer much earlier, by that way both exchanged all the information about the personal, social and other things and helping each other in their problems, supporting, caring each other and visiting both homes and get to know each other more and over a month’s or year they will become BEST FRIENDS and their relationship will continuous like that if they understand each other only, if on that way any misunderstanding occurs may be the relationship between then will cut down and it won’t continue.

So at last what I am telling is please talk to unknown person may be he/she will become a good friend to you and if you missed that you may lose one good friend. And keep one point be with the likeminded people it is more helpful to you and you can also reach your goal with them.

From Unknown to Known

Hope you enjoyed reading it.

Happy talking to you people.

Thank you
[ this is my first blog which I written on some topic]

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  1. Very sweet writeup Raj...and I do agree that sometimes unknowns become even more important than the known ones.. Keep writing.. :)

  2. First thanks for the comment and thanks for your appreciation, ya your right sometime it happens, definitely i will keep writing and if any error or mistake in my blog means please tell from that i will correct my mistakes. Thank you : )



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