Friday 1 February 2013


Kumki, the most expected tamil movie at the end of the 2012, which was acted by Vikram Prabhu the grand son of Sivaji Ganesan and son of Prabhu Ganesan and Lakshmi Meno and other important casting like Thambi Ramaiah and Ashwin .Which was directed by Prabhu Soloman and produced by N.Lingusamy, N.Subash Chandra and Bose and Music by Imran.

It is a story about a Mahout, here the mahout as Vikram and Elephant as Manikam and other characters.The story went very good from the starting point to end point.
Just he came to the village for 2 days but after when he seen the alli and  when he falls in love with the Alli [Lakshmi Meno] the story become more interesting and audience will waiting for the next scene and form 2 days it will goes on up to the end.
The audience will not feel boring since starting to end and the locations are brilliant and songs are very good it is the soul of the film i think. 


  • Songs
  • Locations
  • Acting
  • Screen play
  • Background Music

  • Graphics can be done better
  • It can be ended with the happy note i.e.marriage.

Out of 10 we give 9


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